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Stiff Painful Joints, are you looking for Natural Joint Care?

Many people are experiencing joint pain on a daily basis and are looking for a natural way to help care for and improve the health of their joints. Be it to address a current condition, or to act almost like an insurance policy to protect and care for the health of joints for later in life.

There are 5 stages of Osteoarthritis, commonly known as Wear and Tear Arthritis:

Stage 1 - 2 (Mild)
Typically you’ll start the day with stiffness which eases when you get moving.

Stage 2 - 3 (Mild to Moderate)
Symptoms include prolonged discomfort and pain with movement. These stages tend to be as a result of the ageing process which causes a reduction in the repair and maintenance of cartilage, the shock absorbers on the end of bones made of rubbery connective tissue, along with decreased joint lubrication, that is the Synovial fluid, another shock absorber that provides lubrication and nutrients to the joints needed for repair and maintenance.

Natural joint care for stage 1 - 3 (Mild to Moderate)
Glucosamine, which is naturally produced by the body, forms important components for the repair and maintenance of cartilage and joint lubrication, but it typically decreases with age. Likewise, Chondroitin is also naturally produced by the body and is a component of connective tissue and cartilage. Topping up on these supplements can help maintain healthy joints. Ideally, a combination of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, with added Copper contributes towards the maintenance of connective tissues.Omega 3 oils help to reduce inflammation and pain in joints as they increase the production of anti-inflammatory chemicals within the body. Consume by incorporating plenty of fish and or flax seeds into your diet at least twice a week, or alternatively take either daily capsule form.

Stage 3 - 4 (Moderate)
Symptoms include poor joint mobility and server discomfort as a result of poor collagen and cartilage leading to long-term inflammation. This can lead to continual physical pain but also mental distress.

Natural joint care for stage 3 - 4 (Moderate)
MSM aids repair and reduces inflammation at this stage and works well alongside the Glucosamine and Chondroitin. You may have heard that Turmeric is rising in popularity, as people are reporting amazing results, especially if taken with Black Pepper to aid absorption, either as a food ingredient or as a supplement.

Stage 5 (Servere)
You’ll be in constant pain caused by inflammation and bone grinding on bone with restricted mobility due to a lack of joint fluid and breakdown of cartilage.

Natural joint care for stage 5 (Servere)
The key here is Serrapeptase to help with the scar tissue, stiffness and pain, as the supplements for Stages 1 - 4 will be of limited help. It can also be taken before and after an operation to help promote healing and reduce inflammation, the higher the strength the better, such as 250,000iu.

So if you are looking for natural joint care supplements, then please visit

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