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Lindens was founded by Beverley Denton in September 2007. . . a local business in West Yorkshire, serving the people of Ossett with vitamins and minerals. Our vision remains unchanged; to provide our customers, in Ossett or around the world, with the same high-quality products and service we always have.

We began selling our products in foil-fresh, flat-pack pouch packaging

The innovative design is letterbox friendly, which not only opens the opportunity for cost-efficient, first-class delivery times but also allows us to provide high-quality products at an affordable price.

We have always placed the customer at the heart of our company ethos

Our customer-centric approach is reflected in our product reviews and customer testimonials. As well as our customers, we are extremely proud of our team members at Lindens; we are all harmonised towards providing on-trend, trusted, high-quality vitamins, minerals and supplements. 

As a small independent business based in the heart of Yorkshire, we are proud to be a UK manufacturer.

Our rigorous quality management system ensures all our ingredients are of the highest quality, guaranteeing effective and safe supplements to our customers. We believe in quality and value, and we are proud to announce that we have achieved the quality management system ISO:9001 accreditation once more in 2020.

Although we are incredibly proud of our progress so far

We always welcome feedback from our customers and team members, as we strive for continuous improvement across our products and services with a view to delighting our customers with every engagement.

Our goals
We are embarking on a journey towards an entirely vegetarian product range

And we’d love to take you with us. During this transition phase, we will continue to launch new alternative formulas to accommodate all our customers with their essential vitamins and nutrients, regardless of their dietary requirements. 

We have always considered our packaging to be an innovation within the industry

Our first step towards making our packaging more environmentally friendly is to remove our label from the manufacturing process and shift towards a digitally printed pouch, a project we estimate will save over a tonne (1,152kg) of label paper each year.

Our Accreditations
British Standards Institution: ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, (Certificate no. FS675303).

Our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation was awarded for our excellence in operations, leadership, planning and support.

We’ve always believed that our logo was the customer’s certification of quality; our team demonstrated leadership and commitment to our quality standards, instilling confidence in our customers that no matter how many products they purchase, each one will be manufactured to an exceptional standard.

We adopt a flat hierarchical approach to management which is imperative to our team ethos, morale and organisational culture.

Everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities, which may differ person-to-person, but ultimately everyone is working towards a shared goal. Team cohesion has always radiated from Lindens, demonstrated through our regular team ‘huddles’, we continually remind ourselves what Lindens aims to achieve.

Our BSI evaluation helped us identify opportunities, which we will continually aim to improve throughout 2021.

We are always learning and improving; regular performance appraisals are conducted as a development process for our team members, helping us build a skilled workforce able to provide better services for our customers..

Throughout the year we will reviewing and renewing our accreditation from BSI, and continuing to improve and develop our quality standards, our team and our brand.

A Closer Look

An insight into how the Lindens pouch is manufactured, sealed, stored and delivered. We're proud of our team, our progress and our vision moving forward.