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Healthy Heart Anyone?

Audio Version
There are lots of heart-healthy benefits we are able to reap by making changes that are little to our lifestyle and diet alongside regular exercise.
Clinical Nutritionist, Suzie Sawyer, shares her 5 easy dietary and lifestyle' wins' to help get you started.

Upping your fibre intake is among of the key weapons in fighting high-cholesterol - a significant factor in heart disease. The more soluble fibre you include in the diet in the form of lentils, beans, oats, vegetables and fruits, the lower cholesterol levels tend to be. Apples which contain pectin, another soluble fibre, are particularly great for helping to get rid of cholesterol from the body. Cholesterol is effectively eliminated via the stool so in case your bowels are running regularly and smoothly, this's truly gonna help.

fats that are Essential (omega 6s and particularly omega 3s) are terrific for encouraging good blood flow around the body helping to control blood pressure, maintain healthy arteries, normal heart rhythm and cholesterol levels. Boosting intake of oily fish like salmon (salmon that is wild is usually less contaminated sardines, mackerel, and) has benefits that are enormous for the heart. Alternatively, take a fish oil supplement. Flaxseeds, an excellent vegetarian option, are usually a great source of omega 3s - sprinkle them on to the breakfast cereal of yours or even yoghurt.

Among its many remarkable health benefits, garlic helps you to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Add it to stir-fries, roasted vegetables, vegetarian chilli dishes, soups, stews. The list of possibilities is endless!

Stay away from TRANS FATS
Steer clear of margarine, cakes and biscuits. The reason? They contain trans fats - fats that have been chemically altered by heating. They seem to have a bad impact on heart health, by blocking the results of those amazing omega 3s.

Stress is able to have a bad impact on blood pressure. Actually setting aside ten to fifteen minutes each day to sit quietly by yourself, attempting to clear your busy brain, mixed with a few deep breathing, could actually help. It is also well worth taking the herb passionflower, that is incredibly calming and soothing and also may be used long term.

Take action today - the heart of yours is going to love you for it!