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Winter months may be the period when we are most vulnerable to all kinds of diseases that are caused by viruses which include influenza, common colds and cold sores. A virus is not to be confused with bacteria, which causes infection. Viruses are tiny bits of nucleic acids that contain information and use your body’s cells to create more copies of themselves.

You will find very few medicines, therapies, allopathic or organic that will destroy a virus straight away, as usually most virus must run its full development. However, the list of natural remedies here come as close to support the stopping a virus in its tracks as mother nature can get.

Garlic has been prized due to its healing components for centuries. The compounds allicin and alliion are responsible for this common plant’s reputation as a triple treatment in many areas.

Historical healthcare has shown that garlic can be used for a variety of applications including improving immune efficiency, decreasing bacterial infections, and security against toxic compounds. These medicinal properties, coupled with its savoury characteristics, have made garlic a true cultural icon in many parts of the world.

Green Tea Leaf
Anti Viral Originating from China Teas, an item made up from leaf and bud in the plant, Camellia sinensis, this may be the next most ingested drink worldwide, properly ahead of gourmet coffee, wine, carbonated and dark beer soft drinks. Green tea is mainly produced from Camellia sinensis var. The Assam type (Camellia sinensis var. assamica) has a too high content of polyphenols, which can make green tea taste excessively bitter. The production of green tea is characterized by an initial heating process, which kills the enzyme polyphenol oxidase, which is responsible for the conversion of the flavanols in the leaf into the dark polyphenolic compounds that colour black tea. The other important process is rolling, in which leaves are cut and twisted. The final form of green tea depends on the particular variant being produced. The rolling stage is very similar to the operation with the same name in black tea production. Green tea production is restricted mainly to China and Japan. Green tea has been considered medicine and a healthful beverage since ancient times. The traditional Chinese medicine has recommended this plant for headaches, body aches and pains, digestion, depression, detoxification, as an energizer and, in general, to prolong life.

Green tea extract catechins have already been claimed to have anti-bacterial and antiviral activity. Green tea’s effectiveness against any type of diarrhoea and typhoid has been known in Asia since ancient times. Nowadays it is also known that it inhibits the reproduction and growth of many bacteria, including Salmonella, Clostridium or Bacillus.

Olive Leaf
Olive Leaf extract is from the Olea Europaea tree, which develops widely across the Mediterranean, North Africa and also the Midsection Eastern side. It is thought that the trees originated in Mesopotamia and Persia 7,000 years ago with the leaves being used as a medicine in the form of a tea made from the powdered leaves since Ancient Egyptian times. The main benefits of the leaves are down to their powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant constituents.

Olive leaf could help reinforce the immune system by improving producing fantastic tissues. It’s a good herb to take just before the start of the cold and flu season to help strengthen immunity for the winter months ahead.