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Supporting Weight Loss

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Weight Loss is not a sprint or perhaps even a marathon, weight loss is about lifestyle changes and supporting these changes however and wherever possible in a fast-paced lifestyle.


You are going to be not as likely to make bad food choices and go for instant fixes in case you plan the meals of yours ahead of time. Prepare healthy snacks and lunches to take to work the evening before. Alternatively, leftovers are able to make healthy and delicious lunches along with saving you money.


This simple tip tricks the brain of yours into thinking you've eaten more than you really have and stops you overeating.


Consume lots of fibre to help keep you feeling fuller for longer.


Leaving long gaps between meals are able to create a drop in blood sugar, which may have you reaching for the biscuit tin. So be sure to eat on a regular basis to maintain the energy levels of yours and blood sugars balanced.

Stay away from CRASH DIETS

Do not be tempted to go on diets which are extremely hard to stick to, particularly ones that cut out macronutrients , for example, carbohydrates or fats. Your body needs them to function and staying away from them can be harmful. Very high protein diets, which include protein shakes and bars, is able to be also terrible as extra protein can stress the kidneys as well as result in kidney stones.

Maintain a balanced diet, containing a lot of vegetables and fruits, protein, healthy fats and wholegrain carbohydrates.


The greater number of calories you burn the faster you are going to lose those extra pounds. Doing some resistance work is able to aid weight loss by helping to build muscle and keep you toned. Increased muscle density is going to lead to the body burning more calories, which raises the basal metabolism of yours (BMR) - the number of calories burnt by the body in its resting state.


If hunger strikes have a glass of water, as your brain cannot always differentiate between thirst and hunger. In the event that you're now hungry half an hour after drinking you most likely do need to eat.


If bloating is a problem try taking probiotics. Artichoke supplements also promote good digestive health by encouraging the colonisation of good bacteria and increasing gut transit time.


Weight gain could be brought on by fluid retention, particularly around the time of the period of yours. To combat this, try sipping nettle tea, that has natural diuretic properties.